AI*IA 2003 - Ottavo Congresso Nazionale
dell'Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale

23-26 Settembre 2003, Polo didattico "L. Fibonacci", UniversitÓ di Pisa

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23rd September | 24th September | 25th September | 26th September

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Tuesday, 23rd September

Tutorial programs
9.30-13.30 Tutorial T1
DEIS-LIA - UniversitÓ di Bologna
An introduction to logic-based multi-agent systems
9.30-13.30 Tutorial T2
ISTI - CNR, Pisa
Machine Learning for Automated Text Classification
13.30-14.30 Lunch on Your Own
14.30-18.30 Tutorial T3
Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, London
Norms and Institutions
14.30-18.30 Tutorial T4
Fabio ROLI
Electrical and Electronic Eng. Dept, Univ. of Cagliari
Fusion of Multiple Patterns Classifiers
Workshop programs
9.30-16.30 Workshop W1
Ambient Intelligence
9.30-18.00 Workshop W2
Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage
9.30-17.30 Workshop W3
Artificial Intelligence and E-Learning
9.30-19.10 Workshop W4
Topics and Perspectives of Natural Language Processing in Italy

Coffee breaks are planned at 11.00-11.30 and at 16.00-16.30 for all tutorials and workshops.

Wednesday, 24th September


9.00-10.00 Opening

10.00-11.00 Invited Talk:
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa
Robotics and AI: from Intelligent Robots to Neuro-robotics
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.45 Session 1: APPLICATIONS 1
Applying Artificial Intelligence to Clinical Guidelines: the GLARE Approach
Terenziani, Montani, Bottrighi, Torchio, Molino, Anselma, Correndo
Personalized Recommendation of TV Programs
Ardissono, Gena, Torasso, Bellifemine, Chiarotto, Difino, Negro
A Simulation-based Decision Support System for Forest Fire Fighting
Chi, Lim, J.-K. Lee, J.-S. Lee, Hwang, Song
Making Explicit the Hidden Semantics of Hierarchical Classification
Magnini, Serafini, Speranza
Sub-Symbolic Encoding of Words
Vassallo, Pilato, Maggio, Puglisi, Gaglio
A relation-schema for treebank annotation
Bosco, Lombardo
12.45-15.00 Lunch on Your Own
15.00-16.40 Session 3: PLANNING
Planning under Uncertainty in Linear Time Logic
Cialdea Mayer, Limongelli, Orlandini, Poggioni
Planning with Fuzzy Resources
Milani, Poggioni, Baioletti
Planning by Abstraction Using HW[]
Armano, Cherchi, Vargiu
The Role of Different Solvers in Planning and Scheduling Integration
Pecora, Cesta
15.00-16.40 Session 4: SOFT COMPUTING
BackPropagation Through Cyclic Structures
Bianchini, Gori, Sarti, Scarselli
A Neural Architecture for Segmentation and Modelling of Range Data
Pirrone, Chella
A Combination of Support Vector Machines and Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
Ceroni, Frasconi, Passerini, Vullo
Adaptive Allocation of Data-Objects in the Web Using Neural Networks
PÚrez, Pazos, Fraire, Cruz, Pecero
16.40-17.10 Coffee break
A Methodology for the Induction of Ontological Knowledge from Semantic Annotations
Fanizzi, Esposito, Ferilli, Semeraro
Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in a Logical Framework
Raffaeta', Renso, Turini
On managing temporal information for handling durative actions in LPG
Gerevini, Saetti, Serina
An Abductive Proof Procedure Handling Active Rules
Mancarella, Terreni
17.10-18.50 AI*IA Awards

Thursday, 25th September

9.30-10.30 Invited Talk:
Robert C. Moore
Microsoft Research
Two Paradigms for Natural-Language Processing
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
A Complete Subsumption Algorithm
Ferilli, Di Mauro, Basile, Esposito
Temporal Decision Trees for Diagnosis: An Extension
Obligations as Social Constructs
Boella, van der Torre
Automatically Decomposing Configuration Problems
Anselma, Magro, Torasso
Bridging the Gap between Horn Clausal Logic and Description Logics in Inductive Learning
Lisi, Malerba
11.00-13.05 Session 7: LEARNING
Improving the SLA algorithm using association rules
Lamma, Riguzzi, Stambazzi, Storari
Incremental Induction of Rules for Document Image Understanding
Ferilli, Basile, Di Mauro, Esposito
Explaining Bagging with Monte Carlo Theory
Esposito, Saitta
Pairwise Data Clustering Using Monotone Game Dynamics
Pavan, Pelillo
Abduction in Classification Tasks
Atzori, Mancarella, Turini
13.05-15.00 Lunch on Your Own
15.00-15.30 Commemoration of Marco Somalvico
15.30-17.00 Panel: "Emerging computer science technologies for medicine"
CHAIR: Antonina Starita (Univ. Pisa)
17.00-17.30 Coffee break
17.30-18.30 AIIA members assembly and elections
20.30 Social Dinner

Friday, 26th September

9.30-10.45 Session 8: APPLICATIONS 2
Knowledge Maintenance and Sharing in the KM Context: the Case of P-Truck
Bandini, Manzoni, Sartori
A CSP-Based Interactive Decision Aid for Space Mission Planning
Cesta, Cortellessa, Oddi, Policella
E-mail Categorization, Filtering, and Alerting on Mobile Devices: The ifMail Prototype and its Experimental Evaluation
Cignini, Mizzaro, Tasso
9.30-10.45 Session 9: DATA MINING
MQL: an Algebraic Query Language for Knowledge Discovery
Baglioni, Turini
Preprocessing and Mining Web Log Data for Web Personalization
Baglioni, Ferrara, Romei, Ruggieri, Turini
Multi-relational Structural Bayesian Classifier
Ceci, Appice, Malerba, Colonna
10.45-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-13.20 Session 10: ROBOTICS AND PERCEPTION
Evolving the Neural Controller for a Robotic Arm Able to Grasp Objects on the Basis of Tactile Sensors
Bianco, Nolfi
An Early Cognitive Approach to Visual Motion Analysis
Sabatini, Solari
Content Based Image Retrieval for Unsegmented Images
Anelli, Micarelli, Sangineto
A Mechanism of Coalition Formation in the Metaphor of Politics Multiagent Architecture
Chella, Sorbello, Ribaudo, Finazzo, Papuzza
Image-Based Monte-Carlo Localisation without a Map
Menegatti, Zoccarato, Pagello, Ishiguro
11.15-13.20 Session 11: AGENTS
Specifying and Verifying Systems of Communicating Agents in a Temporal Action Logic
Giordano, Martelli, Schwind
Combining Intelligent Agents and Animation
Szarowicz, Forte
An Abductive Computational Model for Open Societies
Alberti, Gavanelli, Lamma, Mello, Torroni
Reasoning about Conversation Protocols in a Logic-based Agent Language
Baldoni, Baroglio, Martelli, Patti
Distributed Intelligent Management of Active Networks
Di Fatta, Gaglio, Lo Presti, Lo Re, Selvaggio
13.20-15.00 Lunch on Your Own
15.00-16.30 Panel : "Artificial Intelligence: from research to the market"
CHAIR: Cinzia Giachetti (CPR - Centro TETRA)
16.30-17.00 Closing Session

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